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About Bluezone Tropical

Blue Zone Tropical is a German/ Costa Rican enterprise that has been operating in Costa Rica for several years now. We focus on the following areas:


We develop building lots in Hojancha, which belong to one of five worldwide existing blue zones. Additionally, we can build your move-in ready houses.


Since 2012, we have been successful in reforestation projects with teak trees and native wood from Costa Rica. 

Now, we also own a sawmill with precious woods such as Teak, Guanacaste, Cedro, Pochote and others. 


Because we have our own machine fleet, we can provide custom made services for investors. This can be moving earth, making roads and tracks on farms, thinning and harvesting of timber plantations and the sale of wood.

Our Values

Honesty, punctuality and responsibility. We combine the advantages of Central American culture with those of German culture. 

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Javier Villalobos

Javier has been working “outside” since his 15th birthday. He learned the agricultural bus ...

Thomas Ringshandl

“I already fell in love with Costa Rica and its people during my first holidays in this co ...

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Other countries, other customs: Exactly the reason you want to go to another country, isn’t it? As already mentioned, laws and customs are rather European and we explain everything in a way that you understand it. We are and we stay on your side, if you like. We are known in the area as investors and appreciated. We know all the officials up to the mayor of the county and receive support, if needed. And you too, promise! 

Our projects are ready to show.  All parcels are in our ownership and developed. We are not speaking of “dream castles” or imaginations, but of realities. 

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