Building Land With 5-10% Appreciation In Hojancha

Opportunity Of 2020, Building Land With 5-10% Appreciation In Hojancha.

What if you could live in a healthy, peaceful and relaxed place in Costa Rica, from where you could visit the beaches, the mountains and national parks or the highest waterfall of central America in less than 30 minutes?

A place like this exists, is not yet that well-known and it’s called Hojancha.

The building land we are offering here has a size of 1010 square meters (0.24 acres) and gentle rolling hills.

In contrast to the beach area, the area has a pleasant climate people from the beaches would die for with comfortable temperatures and low humidity the whole year.

What about Hojancha as an investment opportunity?

Should you not be interested in living in such a nice place, buying a building lot there can also be considered a great investment.


The touristic development is still in the early stages, giving you a great opportunity to take advantage of future growth potential, should you act soon.

The area is also quite popular with local people from San José because of its great reputation.

There is also a new mall in Nicoya and further building projects are planned there, too.

Besides the tourism and local market potential within the next years, you will also likely be able to enjoy price increases (remember that during the last years, property prices increased between 5 and 10 percent on average per year).

What if you want to build a house on your future lot in Hojancha?

We also provide construction services.

We know many local craftsmen and have good contacts with DIY stores and wholesalers.
Should you want to build with wood or precious woods, we have access to high quality wood from our forest plantations at special prices.

During your absence, we can supervise your building project and maintain your garden if you so desire.

So, if you’d like to experience a more relaxed lifestyle, if you’d like to have friendly people around, if you’d like to live your retirement at lower costs, if you’d like to live in a healthy place and if you’d like to take advantage of future healthy price increases, a visit to Hojancha could be worth your while.

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Property Size: 0.25 Acres (1013 Square Meters)
Price: $35,000

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