The benefits of our services

If you ask people who have had problems in a foreign country or who failed with their projects, you always hear the same replies: 

  • Problems with the language: you depend on others and they exploit this! You won’t have this with us, because we speak your language. If you have appointments with us, we get you an official translator, if you like. You have to and you should understand what you are doing! 
  • Other countries, other customs: Exactly the reason you want to go to another country, isn’t it? As already mentioned, laws and customs are rather European and we explain everything in a way that you understand it. We are and we stay on your side, if you like. We are known in the area as investors and appreciated. We know all the officials up to the mayor of the county and receive support, if needed. And you too, promise! 
  • Our projects are ready to show. All plans are registered, and everything is okay. All parcels are in our ownership and developed. We are not speaking of “dream castles” or imaginations, but of realities. 



Do you want to build a home?

Of course, this is something you can do on your own. But you can also use our service for this, since we know many trustworthy local craftsmen and have good contacts with construction markets and wholesalers.

Should you want to build with wood, we can get you timber from our plantations or from partner plantation owners at special prices. We can also supervise the construction during your absence and take care of your garden should you wish.

how is the price development in the area of hojancha?

One simple answer: Prices of parcels and building lots have been increasing for 15 years steadily between 5-10% per year. But this is far from being the end, but rather the beginning of a positive development. 

Because of the permanent and increasing demand, the available properties are decreasing.

Several years ago, it was still rather easy to buy and find parcels. Today this is more difficult. 

In addition, we have a special factor: The city of Nicoya, capital of the Nicoya Peninsula and business center is 20 minutes from Hojancha, and is growing fast. A new shopping mall was already built and an additional larger one is already in the planning phase. 


But Nicoya is not the nicest place to live. It is located about 350 meters (1148 feet) lower than Hojancha and gets really hot during the summer months.  Therefore, we expect additional local and foreign influxes of people who are going to work in the new stores. This will cause additional demand for building lots in Hojancha.

The motto will be: Work in Nicoya, but live in Hojancha. This kind of arrangement happens in several other areas of the world.

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